Are Your Wisdom Teeth Growing In?

See Dr. Mark Reichman for all your maxillofacial problems!

Dr. Mark Reichman has many happy patients who have had successful wisdom teeth surgeries.

Wisdom teeth rarely grow in properly. They can become impacted and infected. When this happens, you need an oral surgeon to get your mouth back in working order.  Get the details at Call today to schedule a consultation.

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April 11, 2016

I had my wisdom teeth removed, and it was quick and painless. He and his staff were very helpful, I would definitely recommend coming here

January 16, 2016

Both of my parents are dentists and when I needed to have my wisdom teeth out recently they wanted me to see the best oral surgeon in the lower mainland. In January 2016, I had 4 wisdom teeth taken out with sedation. The teeth were very impacted but his skill and expertise were evident. The staff are very friendly and informative, giving me a good idea of what to expect in the surgery and recovery. Dr. Reichman has a fantastic bedside manner and made me feel safe and comfortable during the operation. I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Reichman to anyone requiring oral or facial surgery in the future.

January 2015

Nothing short of wonderful and professional care and attention from Dr. Reichman and his the entire team. As a health care leader myself, I would not hesitate to recommend his skill to friends and colleague based on my personal experience.

November 2014

Excellent care and attention by Dr. Mark Reichman and his team. Caring, professional and expert, Dr. Reichman and his team did a wonderful job of removing impacted wisdom teeth for me. Based on my personal experience I would recommend Dr. Reichman and his team and would not hesitate to return if my dentist suggested it was necessary.